Rally Updates for March

Hello from Ossian,

    I hope everyone in Region 5 is OK. The Region 5 rally is getting together.  We are still on track to have a Rally in September.  We will have the sign up info in the April, May and June Blue Beret.  Also, members can sign up on the region 5 website at region5.airstreamclub.net.  Last month, I made an announcement about our charity is going to be the Columbus Firemen’s Cheer fund.  This month, I would like to make announcements on the entertainment for this year rally.  On Friday night, our own Artie Martin will do his great brand of entertainment.  Saturday night, with the help of Lana and Don Russell of the Central Indiana, they directed me to this local band Retro Betty.  They do their brand of oldies songs. I went to Columbus to hear them in February.  I enjoyed them very much.  I think you will enjoy them also.   Thanks Lana and Don.  Please sign up. Nancy and I are looking forward to seeing everyone.  
Please help Artie get announcements about your clubs activities in the Region 5 section Blue Beret.  This will help get attendance up at rallies. The more attendance we have at rallies, the more fun we have.  Thanks Artie for being the Blue Beret contributing Editor for the region.  If you have any concerns about anything about the club, just ask and I will try to get the answer.
See you down the road,
Christopher Seplak
WBAC Region 5 Vice President

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