Region 5 Rally updates

Hello from Ossian,
Hope everyone is doing OK in Region 5 land.  Nancy and I will try to make it to some of the local club rallies during our term.   We enjoy all the people in our Region.  I would like to remind everyone to signup for the Region 5 Rally in Columbus, IN on Sept 16th to 20th online on the Region 5 website or the coupon that will be in the April Blue Beret.   Please sign up early.  It makes our lives a lot easier.  Nancy and I would like to announce that we have picked a charity for our 2020 Rally.  We have picked the Columbus Fireman’s Cheer Fund.  The Cheer Fund is run by the Columbus Fire Dept.  They have a Christmas party in December for the underprivileged children in Columbus.  This Fund is solely sponsored by the donations from the Columbus community.  I would like to show that Airstreamers have great big giving hearts. (If we don’t know that already!!!). We will be having fundraisers during the Rally to make funds for this charity.  We also need new or gently used toys to donate also.  So start collecting toys and bring them to the rally.  The church offering will go to the fund also.  I hope to see a lot of people in Columbus.  
We’ll see you down the road,

Christopher Seplak

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